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[Tommee Tippee] Quick Cook Baby Food Steamer Blender The Clash

This multipurpose food maker allows you to steam and blend meals conveniently into either smooth purees or chunky meals.

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Product Description

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Blender lets you blend fruit, vegetables and meat preserving key nutrients and flavour. Blends to a range of textures (all weaning stages). The baby food blender is suitable for all stages of your baby, development - start with small amounts of pureed food, to more chunky textures and to bigger portions for an adventurous toddler. Every moment you spend with your baby is precious, so hours spent preparing meals and cleaning up may not be high on your list. Tommee Tippee baby food blender makes it really easy to prepare healthy meals with less mess.

Product Features

  • Advanced Quick Cook Baby Food Steamer Blender.
  • Steamer Basket.
  • Integrated Spatula.
  • Recipe Book for Meal Inspiration.
  • Pop-up Pot.
  • Steam and blend home-made baby food in minutes.
  • Suitable for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish steam in steamer basket, blend in jug, or combine both for a range of textures.
  • Make food in a mixture of textures from smooth purees to chunky meals.
  • Includes handy spatula stored in the handle.
  • Easily switch between steam and blend mode.

Product Description

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