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[Tommee Tippee] Premium Newborn Steriliser Bundle

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Bundle Description

A must-have bundle to clean, dry & store all your baby bottle & more.  

1. Ultraviolet Steriliser Dryer. A fuss-free & super clean way to sterilize, dry & store your baby's bottle in a sterile environment. 
2. Pouch & Bottle Warmer gives you a safe, quick & simple way to warm feeds to the optimum temperature.
3. PPSU Bottles (150ml, 260ml), the perfect bottle to use alongside breastfeeding as it imitates the natural softness of a mother's breast.
4. Air & Night Time Soother to give you a calm & contended baby with these orthodontic shaped for a perfect & natural fit.
5. Bottle & Teat Brush designed in 2 pieces for cleaning bottles & teats with an extra wide brush end fro reaching hard to reach area