[Tommee Tippee] Made For Me Essential Breastfeeding Bundle

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Bundle Description

A must-have Breastfeeding bundle made to meet your every need. 

1. Single Electic breast pump "more milk in less time"  with the new massage tec.
2.150ml PP 150ml/5oz Bottle (BPA Free) with a built-in easy-vent anti-colic valve that reduces air absorption making your baby more comfortable. 
3. Clear Soother 0-2 mths specially designed soother for smaller newborn mouths.
4. Travel and Sterilising bag (5pcs). Reusable up to 30 times this steam microwave sterilizer bag provides a safe, quick, convenient & practical way to sterilize breast pumps.
5. 36pk Milk Storage Bags (350ml) to ensure a convenient and hygienic way of storing your precious breastmilk after expressing, keeping it fresh for your baby!
6. Disposable Breast pads (40pads/pk): Discreet and custom-sized to fit your bra. Our Super absorbent Breast pads maximized comfort and no leakage.