[Tommee Tippee] Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Baby Sleep Aid

The majority of baby sleep aids feature multiple light, color, and noise settings, which are stimulating and exciting for babies, but not so helpful at bedtime! Designed to simulate ideal sleeping conditions rather than stimulate baby, this innovative and scientifically proven sleep aid is packed with intelligent and innovative technology. Once your baby is asleep, adjust the settings, and the device will help you relax and prepare your body for sleep - so you can both sleep better!

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The Dreammaker™ is a scientifically proven sound and light sleep aid that helps baby to sleep better by simulating ideal conditions, rather than stimulating baby.

Developed with a world- leading sleep laboratory and sleep scientist at Northumbria University in the UK, the Dreammaker™is a unique , patent-pending device that features pink noise, red light and pulsing glow settings to relax your baby and encourage them into a deeper sleep for longer.


Pink Noise:

Imitates natural sounds of womb and aids in falling asleep faster.

Red light:

Ambient red glow allows the production of sleep hormones.

Pulsing light:

Rhythmical light waves encourage slow, deep breaths by mimicking slowing, resting breathing rates helping the user to relax and prime the body for sleep.

Intelligent Crysensor Technology 

Detects baby’s cries through the night and automatically switches the device back on to play your choice of light and sound settings to soothe baby back to sleep.