[Snapkis] Silicone Suction Plate with Divider


Product Description

Snapkis Silicone Suction Plate w/ Lid is divided into 4 sections to encourage balanced food portioning. A larger bottom section makes it perfect for your child to explore new tastes and textures. It also allows them to discover their own motor skills through sensory play.

We know that mealtimes can get messy, the strong suction base works best with flat & clean surfaces, allowing the plate to stay put and prevent any mealtime mess.

Weaning doesn’t always have to be a challenge. The Snapkis Silicone Suction Plate is designed with this purpose to keep mealtimes clean, fun, and mess-free for both you and your baby.


Product Features 


'• 4 divided sections for more meal options, encouraging sensory exploration & baby led feeding
• Strong suctioned base to keep everything in place and avoid spills
• Deep walls help develop your child’s motor skills and self-feeding habits
• Comes with a lid to keep food covered
• BPA & Phthalates-free, FDA approved
• Microwave safe, heat resistant up to 220°C