[Snapkis] 6-Piece Brush Set

The Snapkis 6-piece brush set has an assortment of brushes for all your washing needs from cleaning bottles to pacifiers.

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Product Description

SNAPKIS 6-Piece Brush Set covers the best assortment of brushes needed to clean bottles, pacifiers, teats, cups, milk powder containers, breast pump parts and much more. The foam and bristles of the bottle brush effectively removes food remains from plastic and glass bodies without surface damage. The only cleaning brush set you will ever need!

Product Features

  • Thorough & effective cleaning
  • Suitable for all your kid's drinking bottles
  • Easy to assemble

What is Included

  1. Sponge bottle brush: Perfect for cleaning the inside of bottles, even those with narrow necks.
  2. Nylon bottle brush: Soft bristles and a strong sponge tip let you scrub hard-to-reach places.
  3. Sponge teat brush: High density sponge gently brush and clean teats & pacifiers without leaving behind any unsightly surface damage.
  4. Nylon bottle cap brush: Ideal for getting into crevices in caps, cleaning screw threads and locations where a large brush cannot reach.
  5. 4mm stainless steel straw brush: The 4mm diameter straw brush explores even the tiniest openings to ensure no drop of juice is left behind.
  6. 7mm stainless steel straw brush: Great for getting inside reusable straws of various straw cups and kid sports bottles.

Usage Instructions

  • Not suitable for sterilization by boiling, steam or microwave.
  • Wash, squeeze or shake out excess water.
  • Air dry after every use.
  • Keep in a dry place to help reduce mould growth.
  • Replace brushes once mould is observed.