[Sebra] Baby Bumper

Made of 100% cotton, this baby bumper is multifunctional, allowing for a safe and cosy environment in the baby cot to sleep and play in.

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Product Description

A baby bumper is highly practical and has several functions. The cot bumper makes the bed smaller, so it is a more suitable size for your child and creates a safe, snug environment. When your child gets a little bigger and begin to toss and turn in their sleep, the cot bumper protects your child from hurting themselves in the bed.

The cot bumper is also very soft to sit up against, and when the side is removed, the cot bumper can also be used as a form of bed rail because it can stand on its own leave just one section open so your child can climb out.

The model fits most standard baby beds, as the cot bumper has been designed with a small overlap. The cot bumper is very durable and is made of solid foam, making it freestanding with no need for strings. The cot bumper can also be used in the playpen.

Product Highlights

  • Create a safe and adventurous sleeping environment for the child with a baby bumper
  • The model fits baby beds in standard sizes as the baby bumper is designed with a small overlap
  • Zipper is located on the bottom so that the organic GOTS-certified cotton cover can easily be removed

Product Features

  • 100% cotton w/poly-foamåÊfill
  • Cover: 40 degrees Filling: Hand wash in cold water

Product Dimensions

  • Length 345 cm x WidthåÊ3,5 cm x HeightåÊ30 cm

What is Included

  • 1x unit of product

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