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[Playgro] Bath Duckie - Fully Sealed

Make bath time fun with a rubber duckie! Brightly coloured and soft, your baby can squeeze or simply watch it float on the water as a bath time companion.

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Product Description

Rub-a-dub-dub! How can it be bath time without a rubber duckie? This soft floating duckie is great for baby to hold and squeeze practising their motor skills. The bright colour and cute face stimulate baby's visual senses. Perfect to grab and go for the bath, beach or pool, the Bath Duckie is an essential bath time toy.

Product Highlights

  • Fine motor skills: Helps baby use their hands & fingers for small, precise movements i.e. grasping or manipulating objects.
  • Gross motor skills:Helps baby to use their larger muscle for movement such as reaching, crawling and rolling over
  • Sight: Features bright colours or vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby's visual perception.
  • Sound: Features sounds to help stimulate baby's auditory development.
  • Touch: Features various textures to help stimulate baby's tactile development.

Product Features

  • Fully sealed, no holes, no mould!
  • Bathtime fun
  • Bright colours stimulate visual senses and imagination
  • Perfectly sized for little hands
  • Safe to chew
  • Bold prints and contrasting colours attract baby's attention
  • Suitable for ages 6 months and above
Playgro rubber duckie size compare to the palm
A toddler girl is playing a rubber duckie at the bath tub
A baby is chewing on Playgro rubber duckie on the bath tub
PLaygro rubber duckie floating on the water pool

What is Included

  • 1x unit of product