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[Cybex] ePRIAM Frame & Seat Hardpart RBA

The Cybex e-PRIAM electric pushchair frame will help you get up and down hills or small inclines easily, reducing the physical strain on you.

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Product Description

The Cybex e-PRIAM Frame with Seat Hardpart is the first of it's kind - an electric pushchair frame. This pushchair frame helps you get up and down hills or small inclines thanks to the electric engines.

Hill Support:Less physical strain for parents, includes smart up & downhill assist. Sensors integrated into the handlebar detects pushing and pulling pressure. Electronic functions can help with slopes up to around 25% - or 14 degree angle.

Product Benefits

  • One hand fold
  • Weighs around 10.7kg
  • Aluminium frame with plastic parts
  • Use from birth to 22kg (approx 4 years)
  • Helps you glide up and down hills with ease
  • Please note: The epriam battery will be 30% charge when delivered
  • Adapts to rough terrain - including sand, cobblestones and gravel
  • Use with either a Priam seat pack, lux carrycot, car seat or lite cot (sold separately)
  • Sensors in the handlebar detect pushing and pulling effort, a smart algorithm works continuously to calculate the optimum amount of support you need
  • The ePriam has 2 electric engines that add powered support when needed, and quiet too - hidden behind the back wheels, the engines are attached to either end of the rear axle
  • Battery is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, has a range of approx 8-45km (depending on load & conditions)
  • Battery can be charged within 6 hours, the charge status show via an LED indicator in the rear axle

Product Dimensions

  • Folded without seat unit: L950 x W600 x H300mm
  • Folded without seat unit or wheels: L800 x W510 x H210mm

What is Included

  • e-PRIAM Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part (Seat Pack available separately)
    • The seat hard part refers to the frame of the seat and it's sold as shown in the picture.
  • Battery and Charger
  • Adapters for infant car seat
  • Rain cover
  • Shopping basket
  • Warranty Information

Usage Instructions

  • 00:03-00:42 Assembling the e-PRIAM
  • 00:43-04:05 Attaching the Seat Pack
  • 04:06-05:01 Charging and Installing the Battery
  • 05:01-05:35 Charging an Installed Battery
  • 05:36-05:53 Starting the e-PRIAM
  • 05:54-06:16 Removing the Battery
  • 06:17-10:29 Using the 4-in-1 Travel System LUX Carry Cot Cloud Z i-Size LITE Cot
  • 10:30-11:38 One-hand Folding & Self-Standing
  • 11:39-12:08 Reversing & Reclining the Seat
  • 12:09-12:34 Extending the XXL Sun Canopy
  • 12:35-12:56 Checking the All-wheel Suspension
  • 12:57-13:20 Locking the Swivel Wheels
  • 13:21-13:28 Using the Highchair Function
  • 13:29-13:44 Using the Brake
  • 13:45-14:08 Folding out the Shopping Basket
  • 14:09-15:18 Assembling the LUX Carry Cot
  • 15:19-16:08 Opening the Windows For Ventilation
  • 16:09-17:54 Dissembling the LUX Carry Cot

Still have questions?

  • Feel free to contact us if you have further queries on what is included or queries with regards to the product features. Our contact details can be found under the "Contact Us" tab. We look forward to hearing from you!