[Snapkis] Groovy Travel Links

The Groovy Travel Links can be attached to almost any car seat, carrier, stroller, and play area so your baby can be engaged as you travel with them.

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Product Description

Snapkis Groovy Travel LinksåÊare an essential must-have for parents. It allows you to transform your child €°۪s favourite toys into their travel companions.

Attach them to almost any car seats, carriers, strollers, and play areas. Our Links engages your baby €°۪s sensory perceptions with a spectrum of colours and unique groovy-licious textures. They are made of robust BPA-Free polypropylene and are safe for teething babies to mouth.

Product Features

  • Attach toys to car seats, strollers and play areas
  • BPA-Free, safe for teething gums
  • Variety of colours & textures for sensory development
  • Food-Grade Material

Care Instructions

Wipe Clean or Wash with gentle soapy water