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[Snapkis] Baby Wooden Brush & Comb Set

Groom your baby's hair with ease with the soft bristled brush and wide teethed comb.

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Product Description

Snapkis Baby Brush and Comb Set is specially designed to care for baby €°۪s hair. The brush €°۪s soft bristles are bound together for optimum pressure to gently massage your baby €°۪s sensitive scalp while the comb has wide teeth to glide through baby hair smoothly, reduce snagging and makes detangling easier.

Product Features

  • Made of natural grass tree wood & super soft goat hair bristles
  • Easy-to-hold, comfortable wooden handles
  • 100% handmade
  • Wooden brush also suitable for newborns
  • Super soft bristles, gentle on your baby €°۪s sensitive scalp

Product Dimensions

  • Comb: W39 x L150 x H33 (mm)
  • Brush: W38 x L141 x H 7 (mm)


  • Natural grasstree wood
  • Soft goat hair bristles

Washing Instructions

Clean your brush and comb at least once a month. Proper comb care will help them last a lifetime.

Care Instructions for Brush:

  • Regularly remove loose hair and debris by running the comb through the brush with bristles facing down. Swirl the bristles in slightly soapy water. Do not soak. Shake out excess water. Surface clean brush handle with mild soap and water. Air dry.

Care Instructions for Comb:

  • Apply coconut or olive oil to a clean cloth, gently wipe any dirt or debris off the comb, running the cloth through each tooth. The oils are good for hair and scalp. Use dental floss to remove residue.