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[Playgro] Light Up Squirty Bath Fountain

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Watch me spray water! Bath time will never be the same when Trumpet the Elephant joins the fun. This adorable bath toy floats on water and comes with 2 interchangeable flower cups that sit on her trunk. Trumpet and baby will love swimming around creating a little splash and lots of water squirting whilst learning about cause and effect. Perfect for bundles of bath time fun for baby!

Product Highlights

  • Cognitive Skills: Encourages baby to think, learn & problem solve.
  • Gross Motor Skills: Helps baby use & control their larger muscles for movement i.e. reaching, crawling, or rolling over.
  • Lights: Features lights to stimulate baby’s visual perception.
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Sight: Features bright colours or vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby’s visual perception.
  • Touch: Features various textures to help stimulate baby’s tactile development.

Product Features

  • Multi-sensory activities for bath time and water play fun
  • Colours, movement and lights encourage visual tracking and hand-eye coordination
  • Spins and squirts water
  • Elephant and flowers float on water
  • Interchangeable cups scoop and pour water
  • Batteries included