[Playgro] Light Me Up Push And Go Musical Llama

The Light Me Up Push And Go Musical Llama encourages babies to investigate, discover, connect, create and reflect. This toy uses a STEAM educational approach.

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Product Description

STEAM is an educational approach to learning and development, integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It encourages babies and children to investigate, discover, connect create and reflect ,and sets the foundations for a deeper understanding and experience of the world in which they live.

‰ۢ Science: The intellectual and practical activity of observation and experiment.
‰ۢ Technology: Machinery and devices developed from scientific knowledge
‰ۢ Engineering: A branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building and use of machines and structures.
‰ۢ Arts: The expression of creative skills and imagination.
‰ۢ Maths: The abstract science of number, quantity and space.

Product Features

  • Imagination, role play: Technology & Arts
  • Discover sounds & lights: Technology
  • Develop motor skills: Engineering
  • Action & reaction: Science
  • Stimulate auditory responses: Arts
  • Develop communication skills: Arts
  • Colour, visual perception: Engineering & Arts