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[Playgro] Build And Drive Mix N Match Vehicles 3Pk

Develop your child's fine and gross motor skills with the Build & Drive Mix N Match Vehicles. This baby toy also introduces creative thinking and simple problem-solving.

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Product Description

Preschoolers, start your engines! Build and Drive Mix n Match Vehicles give your toddler license to create, problem solve, imagine and explore. 9 colourful easy build components put the E in STEAM! Engineering and construction activities support your child's fine and gross motor skill development, while introducing creative thinking and simple problem solving. By mixing and matching parts of a whole, children develop an understanding of quantity, order, relationship and outcomes. As they imagine the vehicles they are creating and the places and people they might meet on their adventures, children can engage in the fun of story telling and role play. This helps them to learn about their world and provides opportunities for language development and social interaction.

Product Highlights

  • Science: Building and sorting engages cognitive thinking and problem solving
  • Technology: Encourages enquiry into how vehicles work and what they are used for
  • Engineering: Manipulating parts supports motor skill development
  • Arts: Role play supports social interaction and language development
  • Maths: Mixing and matching introduces concepts such as order, sequence and relationship.