[Playgro] Bendy Ball (Age 6m+)

Have fun rolling, throwing or shaking your Playgro's bendy ball with your baby! The rattle and textured surfaces will ensure a sensory playtime.

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Product Description

Tumble and bend! The Bendy Ball is a playtime toy sure to entertain busy little babies on the move. Textured surfaces will encourage fine motor skills through sensory play and gross motor skills will be assisted as baby throws and crawls after it. The rattle inside will delight baby as the Bendy Ball tumbles across the floor. A great baby shower gift, this baby ball is sure to become a favourite.

Product Highlights

  • GrossåÊmotor skills:åÊHelps baby use & control their larger muscles for movement i.e. reaching, crawling, or rolling over.
  • Sound:åÊFeatures sounds to help stimulate baby‰۪s auditory development.
  • Sight: Features bright colours or vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby‰۪s visual perception.
  • Touch: Features various textures to help stimulate baby‰۪s tactile development.åÊ

Product FeaturesåÊ

  • Roll, throw, shake and rattle me for motor skill development
  • Bright colours and patterns for visual interest
  • Various textures to touch and feel
  • Rattle beads stimulate baby‰۪s hearing
  • Chewable flexible rings perfect for teething babies

Product Dimensions

  • 13 x 13 x 13åÊcm

What Is Included?

  • 1xåÊåÊBendy Ball