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[Mimosa] Mimosa Aircool Infant Insert

Carry your baby around effortlessly with Mimosa's ergonomic baby carrier. The M-position seat supports optimal hip development. Suitable for 6.8kg-20kg.

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Product Description

The Mimosa CoolAir Infant InsertåÊprovides cushioned for the head and neck support which provides an adjustment for a tighter fit, especially for a newborn.åÊ It supports the baby's back in a C-curved spine shape. It also ensures healthy hips.

Product FeaturesåÊ

  • Cool to the touch for infant‰۪s comfort
  • Cotton satin is smooth, prevents frictional injuries
  • 2 adjustable velcro straps for ease of use
  • Fits all carriers
  • Lightweight and non-bulky for enhanced mobility
  • Hassle-free usage not requiring more than one individual to utilize
  • Better posture for the infant
  • For use from birth
  • Breathability of material makes it easy to clean and dry

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