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[LoveAmme] LoveSaver 2-in-1 Milk Collector and Breastpump - Not Too Big

[LoveAmme] LoveSaver 2-in-1 Milk Collector and Breastpump

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Product Description

Our LoveSaver is developed to save every drop of your breastmilk. Because every drop matters. LoveSaver is an elegantly designed single-piece unit. With SecurePlusTM, LoveSaver gives a superior contoured fit to your breast and stays on your breast while pumping. LoveSaver can also be used as a milk collector during letdown to save your precious milk that would otherwise be absorbed by your bra.


Product Features

  • Squeeze anywhere to use – unlike other silicone breast pumps.
  • Universal fit for all breasts.
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Can be sterilised via steam steriliser.
  • Milk is protected from contamination with a hygiene cover.
  • Compact and featherlight for travel.
  • Comes with stand for spill-free transfers.
  • Wide opening for easy washing.


Product Functions

  • Use as milk collector while breastfeeding baby on the other side.
  • Use as a single breast pump
  • Use as a manual pump, concurrent to using your single electric pump, for double breast pumping.