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[Dr Ato] Ultra Rescue Cica Lotion 160ml

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Skin that needs soothing due to itchiness due to dryness, itching relief. Suitable from newborn.

Features & Benefits

  • Triterpenoids (Asatic Acid) contained in Centella Asiatica soothe tired skin, and quintuple ceramides help establish the skin barrier
  • Highly moisturizing lotion that improves moisture content by 60% immediately upon application, relieving itchiness caused by dryness
  • Dr.Ato’s patented ingredient, BM-Simulipids™, is similar to vernix, a natural moisturizing film that protects baby’s skin for 10 months from the mother’s womb, and provides gentle moisturizing without irritation even to sensitive skin
  • This product has obtained the excellent 5 stars certification, the highest rating, in the German dermatest skin irritation test, the most authoritative in Europe.
  • How to use: after bathing, dry off and apply evenly over face and body while massaging.

What's in the box

  • 1x Dr.Ato Ultra Rescue Cica Lotion 160ml