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[Disney Hooyay] Musical Guitar

Let your child rock out with the Hooyay Musical Guitar toy.

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Imagination Starts Here! Introducing Disney Hooyay! The all NEW range of preschool toys is inspired by some of Disney's much-loved characters.
There are developmental toys for all little ones aged 6 months to 5 years old.

The Musical Guitar is part of the "Rock n Swap" Segment.
Touch the frets while strumming to hear fun guitar sounds, or play along to Mickey's music. The guitar has 2 modes - rhythm rocker or free play.

*This product is only sold with the MICKEY head. Other character heads are sold separately.

Unlock all the learning benefits with the Disney Hooyay "Rock n Swap" Heads.
Each character head focuses on a unique learning area, which brings a unique learning benefit to each respective product.

The more heads, the more educational benefits.

The Musical Guitar comes with Mickey's Head where the key learning area is LETTERS.
Additional heads can be found on other "Rock n Swap" products in the Hooyay range. *Minne's learning area is COLOURS
*Donald's is NUMBERS, and
*Tigger's is SHAPES.

Swap the heads and the toy will transform with all new character voices and learning elements!



Guitar includes:
* 2 modes:
*Rhythm Rocker and Free play
*Strummable strings
*Whammy bar
*Removable Mickey head (Swappable Heads)
*5 x fret notes - 3 x songs