[Playgro] Safe To Paddle Light Up Canoe

Keep bathtime safe and fun with this canoe that changes colour if the water gets too hot. Watch as your friends float around the tub!

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Product Description

When water play fun and safety combine! Safe to Paddle Light Up Canoe features a convenient heat sensitive indicator that changes colour when water is too hot! Light up Raccoon glows with 3 rotating colours to engage baby's visual senses and together with a cute bear companion they float in the canoe or can be easily removed for imaginative play adventures. Perfectly sized for little hands, the textured canoe and colourful characters encourage baby to explore their water environment.

Product Highlights

  • Fine Motor Skills: Helps baby use their hands & fingers for small, precise movements i.e. grasping or manipulating objects.
  • Cognitive Skills: Encourages baby to think, learn & problem solve.
  • Light:Features lights to stimulate baby's visual perception.
  • Sight:Features bright colours or vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby's visual perception.

Product Features

  • Heat sensitive indicator changes colour when water is too hot!
  • Raccoon lights up with 3 rotating colours to engage baby's visual senses
  • Removable characters encourage imaginary water play fun!
  • Each component is perfectly sized for little hands
  • Textured surfaces for tactile exploration

Product Dimensions

  • 19.7 x 15.7 x 6.3 cm

What Is Included

  • x1 Safe To Paddle Up Light Up Canoe

Additional Information