[Babyhood] Babyhood Pop Up Play Pen Large - Light Grey

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Babyhood Pop Up Play Pen Large - Light Grey 

Give your toddler the space to play with this generous-sized large playpen. Most playpens are small and oddly shaped, so they form little closed cages, which are not ideal for active and imaginative little toddlers.
This rectangular-shaped playpen will allow your toddler to jump and play, freely, whilst still being safely contained within the playpen, for your peace of mind. The playpen will fit effortlessly in your home as it is stylishly designed in a neutral color with a durable and wipeable fabric, for messy little fingers. The playpen is designed to offer maximum airflow, so your toddler stays cool and calm for hours of fun, with mesh sides. This also gives you full visibility of them, as their imaginations run wild. The luxuriously padded structure minimizes the bumps and knocks that toddlers often get from the timber playpens. The peak-a-boo access has an easy-to-use zip for you, so you can open the zip to allow your toddler to enter the playpen and zip it back up during use to keep them safe. This will protect your back and shoulders from all the heavy lifting of your robust toddler, over normal playpen barriers. For your convenience and your toddler’s safety, there is no plastic base attached to the playpen which can create an entrapment hazard for your toddler and collect dirt and dust making it hard to keep hygienic. The frame has great little suction tabs which secure it to hard floors so the playpen does not move around.

Specifications: Product Dimensions: 

186cm long x 156cm wide x 68cm high