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[Bright Starts] Rainforest Vibes Vibrating Bouncer

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The Rainforest Vibes Vibrating Bouncer from Bright Starts is the wildest place to sit and play. Watch out for big smiles as baby reaches, grabs and plays with the 2 colorful toys hanging from above. Your tiny toucan will love the clickity-clacks of the bead toy. Go ahead, Mama Bird, you can perch comfortably on the couch with baby securely seated in view. Non-slip feet and a 3-point harness make this baby bouncer a safe spot for playtime. When the adventure’s just about over, soothing motions and a deep comfortable seat create a tropical place to chill. This isn’t just a bouncer for your baby boy or girl — it’s a jungle of joy! Suitable from newborn to 6 months / 9kg.