Best Toys for Babies and Children

In their first years of life, babies are just beginning to use their senses to explore the world they have just entered. Toys play a huge part in the development of our children, as theybegin to develop new motor skills. As they grow, play requires more coordination and they will start to become aware of how things work. They start to differentiate between colours and shapes, develop problem solving skills and pretend play begins.

Have you ever wondered how the toys your child plays with affect their development? Read on to find out the best toys for your child!

Nursery Mobiles

The dangly objects above your baby can help develop your baby's attention span and stimulate their vision. 

Sebra Felt Mobile
Mirror & Crinkle Toys

As your baby starts to explore & learn more about the world, mirrors will aid with self-discovery while crinkle toys will help with auditory development. Mirrors help to nurture self awareness, which will allow them to better understand their bodies, and also supports visual tracking by following the reflections moving. Crinkly sounds help with auditory stimulation, and helps with learning cause and effect.

Playgro Activity Friend Blossom Butterfly

Push-Pull Toys

With the development of body coordination and motor skills, your baby has to develop their muscles as they go from laying down all day to crawling or walking. It also helps to build gross motor skills, providing support to those who are not yet ready to stand or walk on their own. These toys can be utilised into toddler-ages, as it serves as a fun toy for all ages.

Playgro Light and Sounds Firetruck


Rattles have many uses for the developing new skills for your baby. For instance, it can be used to help promote visual tracking as babies follow the rattle parents hold up. More importantly, rattles help teach cause and effect, where a sound is resulted from shaking the rattle.

Playgro Twirl Whirl Rattle


Balls will encourage the development of not only gross motor skills but also hand-eye coordination and dexterity through bouncing, rolling catching or throwing. It also helps encourage collaborative play with others, instilling social and emotional skills.
Playgro Shake Rattle and Roll Ball

Musical Toys

As their curiousity increases, your toddler will begin to recognise melodies, songs and socialise. Musical toys will help your baby to interact and play with their friends, developing their motor skills as the groove to the beats. Toys that resemble everyday items will also help them better recognise and learn to ultilise them.

Playgro Dial - A - Friend Phone

Educational Toys 

Your toddler will begin to develop interests, for instance in trains, cars or animals. With educational toys such as fabric books, you can help your little one recognise the different objects and develop hand-eye-mind coordination through flipping and looking through the books

Sebra Fabric Book

Who would have thought! Toys play a huge part in the development of our children. At Not Too Big, we carry a wide range of toys that are catered to the development of children. Take a look at our 'Toy' section to learn more!


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