[B&B] Mouth Wipes for Baby and Toddler

B&B baby mouth wipes is 100% organic cotton, 100% purified water, and pre-sterilized using high temperature. Start your baby's dental hygiene early

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Product Description

Baby dental health care tends to be neglected, some of us assume no/little teeth = no dental care is not needed. Apparently not so. Or some of us will simply use a cloth wipe after breastfeeding/feeding or meal time. Is that enough? B&B organic cotton mouth tissue for baby & children containsno chemical preservative, no fluorescence brightening agentand no artificial dye. It's 100% organic cotton tissue, 100% purified water and pre-sterilized using high temperature (121å¡C)sterilization method.

Product Features

  • No chemical preservative
  • No fluorescence brightening agent
  • No artificial dye
  • 100% organic cotton tissue
  • 100% purified water & pre-sterilized using high temperature (121å¡C)sterilization method
  • Can be used for breast cleaning before & after breastfeeding
  • For use from birth to approximately 2 years old.

Usage Instructions

  • Use wipes around all surfaces of teeth. Cleansearound gums, tongue and cheeks.
How to use B&B Korea Baby Mouth Wipes


  • 100% Purified Water

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