[Tommee Tippee] Instant Milk Modulator

This milk modulator ensures instant formula milk preparation & convenience for parents, with a 24 hours digitalised keep warm function.

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Product Description

24 hours readiness for preparation of formula milk instantly at anytime; without reboiling water, Tommee Tippee Milk Modulator prepares the best water temperature for formular milk preparation in hygienic condition and allows your baby to enjoy at anytime instantly.

Product Features

  • Instant formula milk preparation & convenience for parents
  • 24 hours digitalized keep warm function
  • One touch boiling to 100C & keep warm to pre-set temperatures with speedy cooling feature
  • Fast cooling to desired temperature for formula milk preparation
  • Bright, easy to read LED display & key operation
  • Trouble Free Memory setting of water temperature
  • Food grade durable stainless-steel container
  • Realtime temperature display
  • Wide range of temperature settings from 38 C to 85 C

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