[LoveAmme] TailorMade Pro Breastpump

LoveAmme® tailormade pro is a hospital-grade breast pump, allowing personalised settings for a comfortable and fully customised pumping experience.

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World's First Customisable Breastpump System

LoveAmme TailorMade Pro is the flagship hospital-grade breast pump that will give you a fully customized breast pumping experience. This powerful pump offers unparallel suction comfort, as well as personalized settings for each individuals breast condition. Whether your breast if full or half empty, or if it is suffering from soreness, there will be the perfect setting to extract milk efficiently to aid breast recovery.

It is the only breast pump with a massaging suction as gentle as expressing by hand. Our FlexSkin Silicone Breast Shields and breast pump expression modes are skillfully engineered for comfort. More flange options are available separately for all breast shapes and sizes, even for mums with flat or inverted nipples.

Product features

  • Personalized pump experience
  • 3-phase expression technology for high milk yield
  • Unprecedented flexibility with individual breast setting
  • unrivalled Pumping comfort
  • Protect your milk with backflow and contamination prevention
  • Pump on-the-go with rechargeable battery or USB

Pumping Customisation includes:

  • 6 Stimulation Cycles
  • 6 Expression Cycles
  • 6 Deep Expression Cycles
  • Individual Settings
  • 378 possible combination or simple use
  • One of the pre-set modes

3-Phases Pumping Programmes:

  • Stimulations Phase - with a range of 16 stimulation cycles to choose from, this helps mothers to bring on a letdown for faster milk extraction, mimicking your baby initial light and fast suction.
  • Expression Phase - the long suction cycles help to empty the breasts better by extracting more milk in each suction, mimicking your baby deep and long suction after letdown.
  • Deep Expression Phase - this is a uniquely engineered double frequency suction that allows for deeper and better extraction of breast milk. It is designed to stimulate breast compression during pumping. This phase also helps mothers with inverted nipples to better empty their breasts.

What's included:

  • 1x TailorMade Pro Double Breastpump
  • 2x Breast Shields of your choice (19mm/ 22mm / 24mm / 27mm / 30mm)*
  • 1 pair of Wide Neck T-Joints (for Avent, Spectra, Snapkis, Hegen) / Pigeon and MAM/ Tommee Tippee (select 1 option)
  • 1pair of Bottle stands (2 pcs in the box)
  • Tubings (double)
  • USB Cable

*To accurately measure your breast shield sizing, please followthis step-by-step here

Product Specification

  • Breast pump grade: Hospital Grade
  • Weight: 524g
  • Individual Breast Customisation: Available
  • USB Cable (for Powerbank): Included
  • Sound: 3dB
  • Closed system breast pump: Yes
  • Charging duration: 4.5 hours
  • Battery life: 3hrs
  • Number of setting: 378

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