[Not Too Big] Bamboo Pyjamas - Unicorn

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Introducing our magical unicorn-themed pyjama pack, perfect for your little dreamer! Each pack includes 2 sets of pyjamas, featuring unique unicorn designs that will spark your child's imagination and make bedtime a fantastical adventure. Made with our super soft and stretchable bamboo material, these pyjamas are as cozy as a unicorn's hug!
Our bamboo blend is not only eco-friendly, but also silky smooth and breathable, ensuring your child stays comfortable all night long. With 95% bamboo and 5% Spandex, these pyjamas are thermoregulating, keeping your little one just right, whether it's hot or cold outside. Plus, they're OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, giving you peace of mind that they're free of any harmful spells.

So, let your little one slip into these enchanting unicorn pyjamas and get ready for sweet dreams and magical adventures in dreamland! With their whimsical unicorn design, our pyjamas are sure to become your child's favorite bedtime companion. Sleepovers will be transformed into mystical slumber parties with our unicorn-themed pyjama pack! It's time to sprinkle some unicorn magic into your child's bedtime routine.