[LoveAmme] Breastmilk Storage Bags (5s / 30s)

Store your breastmilk and keep them fresh with these milk storage bags! Leak proof, pre-sterilised and holds up to 240ml.

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Product Description

LoveAmme  self-standing breastmilk bags transport your milk with ease from pump to freezer, to bottle. Our high-quality bags are pre-sterilised with ë?-rays and ready to use out of the box.

The bags come in a beautiful floral design because beautifying little things in life brings us joy. Practically, it comes with clear calibrated markings for you to check how much milk is stored in each bag.

Product Features

  • leak-proof with features such as a double zipper guard, our bags have reinforced seams for the ultimate leak-proof protection.
  • sufficiently robust for extended freezing
  • Sized at 240ml / 8 ounces
  • it is available in packs of 5s and 30s
  • manufactured in an ISO and HACCP certified as well as FDA-approved environment.
  • certified to be BPA-Free.
  • Designed with a wide mouth for easy filling, but also to pour with no spills.
  • The bag has a separate writing tab to prevent ink contamination to your milk.
  • Has multiple layers to help preserve your milk nutrients and prevent contamination.
  • Designed to be free-standing on surfaces, space-saving when it lies flat for storage in freezer
  • Bags are pre-sterilised with ë?-rays for use out of the box.
LoveAmme breastmilk bags product details in floral design