[Babyhood] Ergo Bath White

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This multi-award winning bath is the perfect to ergonomically support you to safely bath your baby, as they grow. The Ergo Bath has is wider and deeper size for your baby as they grow. It gives your child space to splash and play and to float gently into sleepy dreamland, before bedtime. The bath is packed with convenient features for you including a drain plug and hose so you are never lifting a heavy bath (filled with water) for drainage – simply open the drain plug and the water gently funnels down the hose into your nearest drainage point. The sides of the bath have easy to hold no slip handles for your safety. It has a non-slip ripple so the bath is less slippery and your baby feels safer and does not slip endlessly. The bath on a stable counter top, as it has non slip rubber pads so it is stable and sturdy to use. The Ergo Bath is perfectly paired with a babyhood bath support as it is deep enough to support your bub on the bath support and still allow your baby to have lots of space to splash and play.


Features & Benefits

  • Safer
  • Wider and deeper bathing space
  • Non-slip ripple
  • Easy grip handles
  • Non-slip rubber pads
  • Drain hose and plug


What's in the box

  • 1x Babyhood Ergo Bath White