[Tommee Tippee] Ultra Light Silicone Soother

Made of 100% food grade silicone, this ultra light soother is anti-static, keeping dust away and stays in your baby's mouth longer.

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Product Description

Little mouths don't always hold onto heavy baby soothers. The ultra-light silicone baby soother is light enough for even the smallest mouth and is sure to help them stay content for longer. Our lightestsoother ever, theultra-light silicone soother is designed to stay put in the littlest mouths to save you having to replace it every few minutes.

Product Features

  • Ultra-light: silicone pacifier stays in baby's mouth So she stays calmer longer, and you don't have to replace it every few minutes
  • 100% food-grade silicone: silky smooth soft silicone gives this soother a skin-like feel and texture, so it feels familiar in a breastfed baby's mouth
  • Acceptance guaranteed: moves and flexes like our award-winning breast-like pacifiers so baby is likely to accept the first time
  • Anti-static: keeps dust away for cleanliness reassurance
  • One-piece silicone soother: easy clean, sterilizer and dishwasher safe

Usage Instructions

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