[Snapkis] Feedme Training Set

Grow healthy eating habits in your toddler! Our well-loved Snapkis animals will become role models and create a safe space for your child to try new foods.

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Product Description

Goodbye picky eaters, Hello healthy eaters!
Snapkis FeedMe System is a truly unique feeding set that enables you to grow healthy eating habits in your toddler through play and parent-child interaction. Our well-loved Snapkis animals appears here in the form of silicone heads, allowing your child to feed them. In the process, the animals become role models and create a safe space for your child to try new foods. The food that is €°ÛÏfed €°۝ to the animal head goes back into the bowl as your child €°۪s meal. The curvature of the circular bowl is designed to aid the scooping movement required for self-feeding, while feeding the animal trains hand-eye coordination.

The wide diameter of the bowl allows the food to be visible to your child.
FeedMe is designed with a strong suction base to prevent the bowl from tumbling onto the floor. It comes with a hygiene lid and is suitable for both damp food and dry snacks like fruits and cereals. Please note that it is not watertight and should not be used to transport liquids.

Product FeaturesåÊ

  • Encourages constructive healthy eating habits.
  • Trains hand-eye coordination.
  • Easy to clean bath books..
  • Parent-child bonding
  • Include 3 stories to encourage a balanced diet that includes vegetables and fruits.