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[Snapkis] Snapkis Easikeep Sunshade - 1Pk

Protect your baby from the sun's UVA and UVB rays with Snapkis EasiKeep Sunshare, featuring tighly woven mesh fabric to filter UV effectively.

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Product Description

Snapkis EasiKeep Sunshade is made from tightly woven mesh fabric that filters UV rays effectively. It keeps your child cool and comfortable by blocking the sun €°۪s glare. Attaches easily and securely to both stationary and roll-down windows with super strong suction cups. The one-push retract button makes it easy to use.

Product Features

  • Made from a tightly woven mesh fabric that filters UV rays effectively.
  • One-push retract button
  • UVA & UVB protection from sun and heat (protect more than 90% UVA & UVB)
  • Fits all windows

Product Dimension

  • Size: 42 cm x 42 cm

Usage Instructions

  1. Wipe window with damp cloth. Dry the window. Dust and dirt affect the suction.
  2. Moisten the two suction cups to affix to window
  3. Sunshade length can be adjusted by pulling the bottom suction cup. Press the one-push button to roll up.


  • Tightly woven mesh fabric