[Mothercare Seminar Registration] Bump to Baby: Journey through Pregnancy

Welcoming Parenthood! All things pregnancy, mental health, breastfeeding, newborn.


In collaboration with Not Too Big

In partnership with Mount Alvernia Hospital, Mothercare presents
Bump to Baby: Your Journey through Pregnancy
a series of seminars to answer burning questions from expecting parents on key milestones throughout their new journey. 


Pregnancy goodie bags worth up to $150 will be provided. Free seating. Do arrive 15 minutes before the seminar for registration and redemption of goodie bags! 

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Seminar Breakdown

TOPIC 1    (1:00pm - 1:40pm)

Practical Tips for Newborn Baby Care 

all babies cry!
they start their first cry right after they are born to communicate their needs and feelings. learning the right tools and responses to manage their cries will not only help to soothe them, but kick-start mommy-baby family bonding.

once babies experience much-needed feelings of love and security, they will sleep better which ultimately helps their development. fonnie has helped close to 30,000 parents on lactation and baby care since 2002. she will be sharing practical tips parents can apply to pick up cues and soothe their crying baby, care for their newborn and manage their sleep.




TOPIC 2   (1:40pm - 2:20pm)

liquid gold for tiny souls: choose breastfeeding

offering breast milk to a newborn is a precious gift mothers provide for their little one. however, this natural means of nourishing a baby often presents challenges for most mothers.

common apprehensions include initial worries regarding milk supply,
uncertainties about the baby's adequate intake, and potential problems such as nipple soreness and breast engorgement.

richelle is part of the parentcraft department that supports parents on caring for newborns. she also conducts childbirth education courses regularly to prepare parents-to-be for their parenthood journey. she will share how new mothers can prepare themselves physically and mentally for their breastfeeding journey.


 Q&A with Jillian Kimberly  



TOPIC 3   (2:30pm - 3:20pm)

Prenatal Plans and Prepared Parenthood

guidance on everyday matters and milestones during your pregnancy. mommy’s choices in each trimester right up to the delivery will impact not just the safety and ease of the delivery, but also the health and happiness of mommy and baby in the parenthood journey!

dr chua is a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist, who also holds graduate diplomas in Acupuncture and Mental Health. she is a passionate advocate for health and happiness and is on the board of directors of babes, a local charity that supports pregnant teens through their pregnancies and beyond.



 Q&A with Jillian Kimberly  


TOPIC 4   (3:30pm - 4:20pm)

Common Illnesses among Babies and Young Children

newborn care is important as it sets the foundation for a healthy child. learn how to keep your babies safe and healthy from dr lim. he will be covering topics such as common condition in the early days (fever, cough, bronchitis, hfmd) and how to handle them. identify signs and symptoms of common illnesses in babies and young children and when to seek medical help.

before joining kinder clinic at mount alvernia hospital, dr lim worked
at children's emergency at kk hospital attending to childhood
emergencies and trauma at all hours of the day and night.



(4:30pm - 5pm) Tea Break and Q&A with Jillian Kimberly  




Break and Q&A with Jillian Kimberly