[Playgro] Float and Scoop Whales (Age 6m+)

Make bath time fun with these whales, using them to scoop during water play or simply watch it float on the water as a bath time companion.

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Product Description

With the Float and Scoop Whales Set is fun in the bath guaranteed!  Each set contains 3 fun colourful whales for hours of bath time fun. 

Product Highlights

  • Fine Motor SkillsHelps baby use their hands & fingers for small, precise movements i.e. grasping or manipulating objects.
  • Gross Motor Skills: Helps baby use & control their larger muscles for movement i.e. reaching, crawling, or rolling over.
  • Sight: Features bright colours or vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby’s visual perception.
  • Touch: Features various textures to help stimulate baby’s tactile development

Product Features

  • Bright and attractive colour.
  • Develop touch ability, teach babies to pick up toys, and play them in the water. 
  • Develop smooth and rough motor skills
  • Suitable for use in small bathtubs, swimming pools, or on the beach. 

What Is Included

  • x3 Float and Scoop Whales