[Jack N' Jill] Natural Sunscreen 100g

This water resistant, broad spectrume SPF30 sunscreen provides protection for your baby against UVA and UVB.

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Non-Nano Sunscreen

  • In a Natural Sunscreen there are only two possible ‰Û÷active‰۪ ingredients to block the sun - Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide, both physical blockers of the light.
  • Nano particles: If a Natural Sunscreen has a clear finish, it means the Zinc Oxide particles are so small they are absorbed into the skin.
  • Non-Nano particles: If there is a white film left on the skin, this is the Zinc forming a natural barrier on top of the skin and not being absorbed into the skin, as the particles are too large.
  • Research is currently underway to find out if absorbing Nano Zinc Oxide through the skin and into the body is safe for humans. The results are currently inconclusive, however much concern centres around Nanoparticles being absorbed into the body, especially in children.

Product Features

  • As much as we personally like sunscreens that disappear, as our Natural Sunscreen is designed primarily for babies and kids and until we can be completely sure that sunscreens that are absorbed into the skin leaving a clear finish are not harmful to humans - we cannot risk using them in our products!
  • In addition, the people who sampled our sunscreen on their babies during development said that the slight white film was helpful as they can clearly see the coverage on their baby. Also, as it is washed off in pool/ocean or wiped off with a towel - this is also more obvious.