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[Friendly Organics] Fruit & Vegetable Wash - Not Too Big

[Friendly Organics] Fruit & Vegetable Wash

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Product Description

Have you ever thought about the processes involved in the growing and transfer of vegetables and produce­ from the farm to the market to your table? Contaminated fruits and veggies can look and even smell normal and fresh. Friendly Organic® Fruit and Vegetable Wash is highly effective and specially formulated to remove oily grime, wax, soil and other contaminants from every kind of produce and fruit. We recommend carefully, with light scrubbing, washing all your fruits and veggies with our WASH before eating. Then rinse with clean running water. The use of this product is safe as it is made from the very highest quality all natural plant-derived cleaners.

Product Highlights

  • Plant derived formula
  • Fragrance free
  • Readily biodegradable cleaners
  • Rinses away easily
  • Leaves no taste or smell on produce
  • Fruit and vegetables grown inorganically can be cleansed of surface pesticides, chemicals, and waxes without depositing other harmful chemicals or adversely effecting taste.

Product Features

  • pH 3.0-3.5, but gentle on hands and skin
  • Non-polluting/100% biodegradable/non-toxic/natural.
  • Made of replenishable/sustainable ingredients
  • Plant-based surfactants we use do not harm the item being cleaned, your body or the environment
  • Helps remove pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt, and wax.
  • 100% tasteless
  • Odorless
  • Rinses away completely; leaves no residue or aftertaste
  • No lengthy cleaning process required: sprays on and rinses off; works quickly and easily; no need to scrub or soak; no waiting period
  • Free of bleach, DEA or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Easy to recycle: #1 PETE HDPE plastic container

What is Included

  • 1x 650ml (22oz) unit of product

Still have questions?

  • Feel free to contact us if you have further queries on what is included or queries with regards to the product features. Our contact details can be found under the "Contact Us" tab. We look forward to hearing from you