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59s UV sterilizer Mommy bag in pink with 2 compartments
59s UV sterilizing mommy bag, portable and has 2 compartments in blue
59s UV Sterilizing bag with milk bottle inside
59s UV sterilizer mommy bag opened with top compartment filled with baby bottle

[59s] UVC LED Sterilising Mommy Bag (P14)

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Product Description

59s UVC LED Sterilizing Mummy Bag is recommended for breastfeeding mummies who need to pump on the go, at work and for storing expressed breastmilk. 

Product Features

  • Ultraviolet (UV-C) light eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, etc by destroying DNA physically.
  • Removes milky taste of baby bottles
  • Easy to use: Close it and press the button once, finish in 180 seconds
  • Convenient for working mums: The first floor sterilize breast pumps and baby bottles, the second floor storage breast milk(need to put in ice pack)
  • Other application: sterilizing baby clothes, toys, toothbrushes and anything can be put into.
  • Top and bottom compartment are separated. Sterilization only occurs on the top compartment. Bottom compartment for storage. It is not necessary to empty the bottom compartment during sterilization

Usage Instructions

  • The top layer is where the UVC LED's are to sterilize pump parts, bottles, baby's utensil and anything that needs to be sterilized.
  • Bottom layer is the cooler section to chill your expressed breastmilk with the use of ice blocks.
  • For sterilizing of items, do not need to remove stuffs at the bottom layer. Internal divider can be pushed down to cater a larger space to sterilize larger and taller items.

Product Dimension

  • 27cm x 25cm x 17cm
  • Weight 0.7kg

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