[B&B] Step 3 Dibo Tooth Brushes (1pc)

B&B kids toothbrush helps to remove the bacteria and plaque that cause tooth decay and gum disease in the toddlers. Start your child's dental hygiene early

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Product Description

After 8 years old, the transition of baby teeth and permanent adult teeth can result in uneven teeth line. At this stage the child is encourage to brush teeth with correct techniques and better precision.

Dental Care Tip: Parents may teach kids and encourage them to brush teeth after meals and before sleep with Fluoride included B&B Kid‰۪s toothpaste. Do regular dental check up every 6 months.

Recommended by Korean Pediatric Dentistry Association

Product Features

  • 1/13 thinner bristles than general toothbrush can help in cleaning teeth and gum (Patented KONEX# 0233303)
  • Easy to brush teeth, cleans the surface of teeth and between teeth
  • Soft cushion brush head protects kid‰۪s gum
  • Thumb rubber gives a direction to hold a brush correctly
  • Non-slippery handle helps kids to hold a brush while brushing their teeth
  • Available in Yellow and Green colours

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